Straightening Your Smile with Invisalign? An Overview of The Clear Aligner System

Straightening Your Smile with Invisalign? An Overview of The Clear Aligner System

June 1, 2023  | IN ORTHODONTICS

Severe injury, impacted teeth, and childhood habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are some causes of teeth misalignment. Severe teeth misalignment can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, looking for Invisalign treatment near you in Calgary is essential. Invisalign aligners are convenient if you are uncomfortable wearing traditional braces throughout the day. On top of that, Invisalign aligners are invisible, providing a discreet method of treating crooked teeth. Below, you will find more information about these clear aligners, how they work, and what to consider when choosing an orthodontic treatment.

How The System Can Improve Your Oral Health and Appearance

Invisalign treatment is an invisible method of straightening your teeth through a customized set of trays that you’re going to wear through the treatment. Thanks to the cutting 3D-computer imaging technology that helps the dentist see the current and final straightened position of your teeth.

During the treatment period, you will visit the dentist who installs Invisalign in SE Calgary for a set of new clear aligners. This will be done until your teeth are in the final desired position.

Straightening teeth is not only for looks but for oral health and emotional reasons. When you have crooked teeth, you’re conscious of how they look, affecting your self-esteem. With Invisalign treatment, it will be challenging even for your friends to know that you’re undergoing therapy until you tell them.

Additionally, crooked teeth make it challenging to brush and floss your teeth properly. Fortunately, thanks to Invisalign treatment, you can brush and floss your teeth well as your teeth start to shift.

As mentioned earlier, brushing teeth when crooked is challenging, but with Invisalign treatment, it becomes easier. Therefore, Invisalign treatment reduces the chances of getting gum disease and tooth decay, which are caused by poor oral hygiene.

Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces: Comparing the Treatment Options

Both Invisalign trays and traditional braces fix crooked, misaligned, crowded, or rotated teeth. But what are the differences between the two orthodontic treatments?

The first is convenience. Invisalign aligners are removable. You can remove them, eat anything you want, clean them, and put them back. Conversely, traditional braces are not removable. This means that you have to be watchful of what you eat to prevent damage to the metallic wires and food sticking between them. On top of that, you cannot remove and clean traditional braces.

Secondly is comfort. Invisalign tends to be more comfortable than traditional braces. This is because, with Invisalign aligners, less pressure is applied to your teeth. On the other hand, if the traditional braces are not well fitted, the sharp metallic edges can cause cuts in the soft tissues in your mouth. You will need to visit the dentist near you for readjustment.

Thirdly is cost. Invisalign treatment tends to be more expensive than traditional braces. If you’re running on a budget, you will have to settle for traditional braces.

Lastly is treatment length. Invisalign treatment is usually shorter than traditional braces. This is why Invisalign aligners are recommended for mild teeth misalignment, while traditional braces are suitable for severe teeth misalignment.

Factors To Consider When Deciding on Orthodontic Treatment

  • Your budget and insurance- as earlier mentioned, Invisalign treatment is more expensive than traditional braces. Your budget will dictate which orthodontic treatment is right for you. Other than your budget, insurance compatibility is essential. You will need to consult with your dentist whether your provider covers orthodontic treatment and, if so, which one.
  • Commitment- traditional braces don’t need a lot of commitment like Invisalign aligners. This is because once the dentist near you has fixed the traditional braces, what is left is proper care for your teeth. On the other hand, Invisalign requires a lot of commitment as they’re removable. You will need to be ready to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours daily. Moreover, you should be prepared to clean your trays after every meal.
  • Comfort- Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces. Other than that, traditional braces have metallic wires that hold your teeth in place. Not everyone is comfortable with these wires. If the same applies to you, Invisalign braces will suit you.
  • The severity of teeth misalignment and goals- traditional braces are suitable for severe teeth misalignment, while Invisalign is suitable for mild issues.

Invisalign treatment has a lot of oral health benefits and revitalizes your smile. If your crooked teeth have affected your social life and oral health, visit Oasis Dental. You can discuss with our dental professional which orthodontic treatment will suit you.