Partial & Complete Dentures in Calgary, AB

Partial & Complete Dentures in Calgary, AB

During an accident, you could have several teeth knocked out of your top or lower jaw. If your teeth are not salvageable, our dentists at Oasis Dental can replace your teeth quickly with partials and dentures in Calgary, AB. Partials would be an excellent solution for teeth missing on one jaw, or you could replace all your teeth with dentures.

Replacing Teeth with Partials

Partials include a wide range of teeth prosthetics, including bridges or partial dentures, also referred to as flippers. It depends on how many teeth you have missing and their locations. If you have three teeth in a row damaged by trauma or disease, then our dentists near you may recommend a fixed bridge to replace your teeth.

However, if teeth are missing on both sides of your mouth after an accident or due to gum disease, then they may recommend having a removable partial with clasps to fill in teeth where you need them and fit around teeth remaining on your jaw. The three types are:

  • Cast metal clasp removable partial
  • Acrylic clasp removable partial
  • Flexible partial

Along with the fixed bridge, an implant-supported bridge is another partial that you may want to consider when getting partials and dentures near you.

Full Denture Sets

If you have several teeth missing or diseased on both jawlines, then our dentists in Calgary may recommend a set of dentures as the best solution for you. Your teeth will match, and dentures will give you back your teeth’s full functionality.

Dentures are available in three types, including:

  • Immediate dentures
  • Removable dentures
  • Snap-on dentures

Patients who choose immediate dentures get them placed in their mouths right after extractions. Benefits to this include stopping bleeding faster, you don’t have to go without teeth, and they help maintain the structure of your face because your cheeks can fall in without teeth or dentures in your mouth.

Snap-on dentures have implants as supports, so there would be the time it takes for the jaw to heal and fuse with the implants when embedded. The main advantage to these dentures is your ability to eat as you would with natural teeth.

If you are missing teeth and are in need of partial or complete dentures, we offer experienced, patient-focused dental care for patients missing teeth. We will help you find the right solution for you and your smile. To learn more about dentures, implant secured dentures, or explore your tooth replacement options, contact our dentists at Oasis Dental in Calgary, AB.

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