Orthodontics in Calgary, AB

Orthodontics in Calgary, AB

Most people are aware that they should regularly visit their general dentist for cleanings or treatment of cavities and gum disease issues. However, because dentistry is such a large area, individuals with specific anomalies may need to see an orthodontist at Oasis Dental.

Orthodontic professionals can assist those with problems with their bite alignment or who need teeth straightening techniques.

Why Someone May Need Orthodontic Work

You will likely need an orthodontist if you have a faulty bite, have concerns with tooth contact, or need therapy to straighten your teeth. While conventional dentists in Oasis Dental will recognize these abnormalities in their patients, they will be limited in their capacity to treat them. Orthodontic work, including Invisalign®, is available from general dentists.

What Does Orthodontics Treat? 

People consult an orthodontist for various reasons, the most prevalent of which are spacing and crowding. A general dentist usually identifies difficulties with alignment during a routine inspection. If the malocclusion is severe enough, an orthodontist in Calgary, AB, visit may be necessary for an evaluation and specialist treatment that the dentist cannot give.

You may want to book a consultation with our dentist at Oasis Dental if you have any of the following:

  • Dental midline mismatch – occurs when your back teeth aren’t aligned correctly.
  • Crossbite – Your upper teeth sit inside your lower set.
  • Spacing – Gaps or extra space are between teeth.
  • Overbite – When your upper jaw extends too far over your lower jaw
  • Underbite – When your lower jaw extends past your upper jaw
  • Crowding – There isn’t enough room in your mouth for your teeth to grow correctly.

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Call our office at Oasis Dental if you need routine dental treatments, a referral to a specialist, or just want to learn more about orthodontics and how it might help you. Call our office at Oasis Dental. If you need assistance getting started, visit our website to find our qualified dentists and orthodontists near you. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

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