Invisalign in Calgary, AB

Invisalign in Calgary, AB

If you have crooked teeth, two options for straightening them are metal braces or clear aligners. If your teeth are severely crooked, clear aligners like Invisalign® will not be able to straighten them, but they can usually do the job if your teeth are mild to moderately crooked. Our dentists in Calgary will assess your teeth to see if aligners are the best treatment for you.

What Do the Aligners Correct?

Improvements to clear aligners have allowed more people to wear Invisalign near you to correct mild to moderately crooked teeth. The aligners could only correct mildly crooked teeth and bite misalignments for adults when the brand first came onto the market. Now, both adults and older teens can have their mild to moderately crooked teeth fixed.

Besides crooked teeth, bite misalignments are also correctable with these name brand aligners, as are gaps between teeth and crowded teeth. In general, teeth also become straighter. While they can correct several problems with teeth, they cannot straighten them all, and some people will not be able to wear the aligners.

What Disqualifies People from Wearing Invisalign?

Not everyone who wants to wear these aligners will be able to due to reasons like:

  • The wrong tooth shape.
  • Prior dental work, like a bridge to replace teeth.
  • Teeth in the incorrect positions.
  • Gaps in teeth are too far apart.
  • Extrusions and intrusions in teeth.

If you’ve had teeth replaced with bridges or implants, those teeth will not move, which prevents your natural teeth from moving as well. Also, if you have a pegged tooth, which means it is smaller than your other teeth or rounded, the aligners won’t fit them well, and the outcome will not be successful.

How Aligners Work

Invisalign in Calgary must be in your mouth for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to successfully move your teeth into their correct positions. The movement happens because each aligner is slightly tighter than the last one, so the pressure from the tighter aligners moves your teeth.

Is Invisalign treatment right for you?

Visit Oasis Dental for a one-on-one Invisalign consultation. To learn more about your orthodontic treatment options, visit your preferred Invisalign provider in Calgary, AB. The cost of your Invisalign treatment is determined based on the complexity of each case. During your consultation, Dr. Shivji will discuss treatment prices with you and whether any additional procedures are necessary to complete before your Invisalign treatment.

If you have a crooked teeth, an overbite, or an underbite that you want to correct, contact our dentists near you at Oasis Dental for an appointment.

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