Dental Bridges in Calgary, AB

Dental Bridges in Calgary, AB

Whether you need teeth removed or you’re missing teeth, our dentists in Calgary can replace them for you. While there are a few options for replacing teeth, the quickest way is to place a bridge in your mouth. A bridge can replace one to four or five teeth at a time. Implant-supported bridges can replace an arch of teeth.

Benefits of Bridges

When trying to decide how to replace your teeth, you should consider the benefits of a bridge. Our dentists at Oasis Dental will take impressions of your teeth and mouth for use in designing your custom dental bridge after any necessary tooth extractions or preparation of anchor teeth is complete.

If natural teeth are to be used to attach a bridge, they will most likely be prepared for the placement of crowns to better support the appliance.

There are several materials a dental bridge (like a dental crown) can be made from. Each of these materials have their advantages and drawbacks:

  • Ceramic / Porcelain
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • All metal (gold)
  • Zirconia

Fast Replacement

If you select a bridge to replace your teeth, you will get and use the bridge quicker than you would implants. After placing implants, you need to wait until the metallic root fuses with the bone before you can eat with those teeth. This process can take three to six months.

When our dentists at Oasis Dental finish adding a bridge to your mouth, you only need to wait about an hour before eating softer solid foods. For hard or sticky foods, you should wait a few hours or the next day before eating them.

You Will Speak Better

If you’re missing several teeth, your speech is likely to change. However, when you replace those teeth with a bridge, your speaking abilities will be clear, and people will understand it easier. Better speech can give you a boost of confidence at work or when meeting people socially.

Keeps Your Face in Shape

Your teeth are a vital part of maintaining the shape of your face, so when they are missing, your cheeks could become caved-in. The jawbone can also start to shrink because teeth roots help stimulate bone growth. This damage can make you look older than your actual age.

By replacing teeth with bridges near you, the bone will become stimulated again and start growing again. The artificial gums and teeth will help maintain the structure of your face so that it will look fuller.

An average bridge may last anywhere from 7-15 years or longer with proper care. Some last for longer, some last for shorter periods of time. This depends on the oral environment, the amount of force the bridge undergoes, how clean you can keep the bridge, the materials used and the health of the bone around the teeth used for the bridge among other factors.

If you’re ready to replace missing teeth or want to replace teeth that need removing with a bridge, consult with our dentists at Oasis Dental in Calgary, AB. They can assess your teeth and mouth and recommend the best type of bridge for your needs.

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