Exploring the Advantages of Dental Sealants for Youngsters in Calgary, AB

Exploring the Advantages of Dental Sealants for Youngsters in Calgary, AB

February 1, 2024  | IN COSMETIC DENTISTRY

The importance of oral hygiene for children

Preserving proper oral hygiene is a fundamental necessity for individuals of all ages. Nonetheless, it takes on added significance during childhood, a critical period when children’s teeth take shape and mature. Imparting the significance of oral hygiene to children lays the groundwork for a lifetime marked by sound dental practices. Through the cultivation of favorable oral hygiene habits, including routine brushing and flossing, parents can play an instrumental role in steering their children away from potential dental complications in the future. Oral hygiene for children should start early, focusing on proper brushing techniques, fluoride toothpaste, and regular dental check-ups with a dentist who specializes in oral hygiene for children. This preventative measure not only helps them maintain good dental health throughout their life, but it also promotes a beautiful smile by warding against cavities, gum disease, and other issues.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants act as a safeguard, providing an extra defense against cavities for young ones. These slender, plastic layers are brushed onto the biting surfaces of back teeth, mainly molars and premolars. These teeth are characterized by deep fissures and crevices that are challenging to thoroughly clean, making them susceptible to tooth decay. Dental sealants eliminate decay-causing food particles and germs by creating a barrier that prevents them from settling in these vulnerable areas.

The process of getting dental sealants for your child

The process of getting dental sealants for your child is a simple and painless one, typically involving the following steps:

  1. Cleaning: The dentist will thoroughly clean your child’s teeth to remove plaque or debris.
  2. Isolation: Using cotton rolls or a dental dam, the teeth requiring sealants will be isolated to maintain dryness during the procedure.
  3. Etching: A gel or solution will roughen the tooth surface, allowing the sealant to adhere effectively.
  4. Application: The next step is to place the dental sealant material on the teeth and wait for it to set. Occasionally, a specialized light is used to speed up this procedure.
  5. Evaluation: The dentist will check the sealants to ensure proper application and provide necessary care and maintenance instructions. If you want this procedure for your child, contact a dentist near you for professional guidance and care.

The benefits of dental sealants for children

  1. How dental sealants prevent tooth decay

The capacity of dental sealants to successfully prevent tooth decay is one of its main advantages. As previously discussed, the molars and premolars possess intricate pits and fissures that can ensnare food debris and bacteria. These crevices prove difficult to thoroughly cleanse, even with consistent brushing and flossing. Dental sealants serve as a safeguarding shield, impeding the entrapment of bacteria and food particles in these intricate nooks. By effectively sealing off these vulnerable surfaces, dental sealants notably diminish the chances of cavities and tooth decay.

  1. Maintaining oral hygiene with dental sealants

Dental sealants provide a physical barrier against cavities and contribute to maintaining good oral hygiene. With sealants, it becomes easier for children to clean their teeth effectively. The smooth, flat surface the sealants create ensures that brushing and flossing can remove any remaining debris and bacteria more efficiently. This results in enhanced comprehensive oral health, diminishing the chances of encountering dental complications down the road.

  1. Calgary Pediatric Dentistry – a trusted choice for children’s dental care

When considering your child’s dental well-being, the selection of a reputable and specialized dental facility holds significant importance. Calgary Pediatric Dentistry stands out as a reliable option for pediatric dental care in Calgary, AB. Backed by a team of seasoned and approachable dental experts, they establish a warm and child-centric ambiance designed to ease any apprehension your child may have about dental visits. Their services encompass a wide range, including dental sealants, ensuring that your child receives top-tier care tailored to their oral health requirements.


Preserving excellent dental cleanliness is paramount, particularly for youngsters, in order to ward off tooth decay and various health issues. Dental sealants protect children’s teeth from cavities by sealing off vulnerable areas. With the benefits of dental sealants, such as preventing tooth decay and maintaining oral hygiene, it is no wonder that they have become a popular choice for parents in Calgary, AB. Parents can trust a reliable and specialized dental practice for their children’s dental care needs by choosing Calgary Pediatric Dentistry. Make the smart choice for your child’s oral health and consider dental sealants as a preventive measure that can significantly affect their overall dental well-being. Contact a dentist in Calgary, AB, at Calgary Pediatric Dentistry or Oasis Dental – South East Calgary to explore the benefits of dental sealants for your child’s teeth.